TRX Is The Most Practical Workout Program

You can do TRX at the gym or set it up at home

TRX is a highly efficient complete body slimming tool that you can do anywhere. Known as suspension training because you use straps that connect to a support (like a door or hook on the wall) which then allows you to use your body weight to do a plethora of exercises and stretches. It’s a great way to burn calories, strengthen and tone your muscles as well as improve cardio. During the global lockdown, it was the only way I could exercise and I’m now convinced that the TRX is the most practical full body workout program.

What Exactly Is TRX Suspension Training?

Created by a former U.S Navy SEAL, the TRX (Total-body Resistance) makes every workout a challenge for your core by using gravity and your own body weight. To use it, you just need to ground and fasten the TRX straps to a fixed place – a weighing machine, a gate or even playground equipment. You can choose to hold on to the straps using your hands or feet. Usually, some portion of your body will be held above the ground. You could also lean towards or against the straps to alternate between pressure and balance.

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If you are a part of a HIIT class or have exercised in the weights segment of a fitness studio, then you could be already familiar with the TRX suspension trainer.  This trainer is basically two flexible bands with styrofoam-padded handles that can be fixed into a spot to do a wide-range of work-outs. All TRX trainers include a suspension and door anchors.  On top of that, the complimentary one-year TRX app support aims to provide all the essentials that you’ll need.  With determination, you’ll surely have an increased efficiency in using the tool. 

The TRX set

Why TRX Just Makes Sense 

Quick, high-powered full-body physical training 

Whether you want to increase core power, shed excess weight, enhance endurance or stretching, the TRX Suspension trainer is your right partner for reaching your fitness goals.  The main rationale would be using your own body weight for a variety of work-outs means more flexibility for you.  Get ready to sweat more and lose more calories while strengthening your whole body.  You’ll also have the capacity to use the same tool in various positions and postures.  You really don’t have to be in the gym to workout.  Thus, the option to exercise at home is quite viable for you. 

Suitable for all levels 

TRX exercise routines are user-friendly across all age-groups and fitness levels. Let not the anchors scare you at the thought of having your body hang from them. The TRX trainer can also help you work out in the normal upright position and by merely shifting your body into a leaning posture, the muscular tension can be increased or decreased, thereby giving anyone and everyone full-freedom to choose their exercises. 

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Proper activation of targeted muscle groups 

The Australian Fitness Network researched the efficacy of suspension training with EMG or electromyography; and the research shows the electrical impulses in the skeletal muscles. People suffering from pain the lumbar region can immensely benefit with TRX suspension training. TRX when used in combination with various plank work-outs can help strengthen the muscles. By creating more pressure with the use of TRX suspension system, the muscles under research were exercised more as when compared with normal plank workouts.

Doing core exercises with the TRX

You can exercise anywhere you want

Since the TRX Suspension training was crafted by a Navy Seal who was required to maintain his fitness in the confines of his personal space during his missions, the overall design of this system is so versatile and handy.  It was meticulously schemed to be used almost anywhere with an anchor point.  This gives you the option to have more exercise even when you are away from home or the gym. 

Engages the whole body to burn more calories 

The instability created by the TRX suspension system during work-outs constantly activates and strengthens the core. Also, the exercise movements cause numerous muscles to be worked out in tandem there by ensuring a complete over-all exercise. Wouldn’t it be great to exercise for the same amount of time but burn more calories than usual? That’s what TRX training helps you achieve. Studies reveal that using TRX training, testosterone to cortisol ratio can be boosted causing enhanced muscular growth and strengthening after a single TRX Training session. 

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Reduced risk levels that’s great even for older people 

Despite giving all the benefits of an average Physical exercise, the TRX is low-risk when it comes to chances of injury as when compared to exercising with weights, as it is joint-friendly. The agility and stretch also come with endurance in the work-outs with TRX.  Thus, this kind of training is suitable even for older people, for muscle strengthening and will even help them have stronger bones.  A research conducted by the International Journal of Exercise Science studied the usability of TRX for elders and many of the candidates felt comfortable and enthusiastic in using TRX as it seemed to boost their strength.

Final Thoughts

TRX suspension training is a unique tool that can be included into your fitness regimen to boost the results of your workout in a challenging way.  It will provide the much-needed consistency to your workout plan and will actually have you looking forward to your next workout session.  Check them out for yourself to see why TRX is the most practical full body workout program. 

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14 thoughts on “TRX Is The Most Practical Workout Program”

  1. Getting an effective training program means a whole lot to me and this is the first time I am learning about the TRX training program and it seems really cool if you ask me. I really like to work out and doing this would help me a lot since I really don’t have any specific program i’m going with when working out. 

  2. I have heard of this form of training but never knew what it was called. You’ve given a lot for me to think about.

    While I prefer to exercise at home, my daughters used to really enjoy the gym. With the covid19 issues, that’s not happening anymore. So we’ve all found ways to stay in shape at home. We have some basic equipment and were hoping to add more over time. However, after reading your post, I’m thinking we might just rethink that plan. Maybe we are able to do just as much, or even more, with what we have by integrating the TRX Suspension Training into our program.

    Thanks for providing me with an alternative to our next equipment purchase. It looks like we’ll save quite a bit of money by purchasing the TRX product and it will certainly take a lot less space.

    1. It’s a great addition to any home workout, Diane, and all you need is a door to secure it and a little bit of space to get a full body workout. It’s great for stretching as well. I’m at the coast at the moment and I forgot to pack my TRX. So, I’m doing Insanity workouts instead, but I really miss my TRX because you can definitely build more muscle with it than you can with pure calisthenics. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I have tried a lot of practical home workout programs but none are as practical and complete as the the TRX, The TRX has really proven to be the best for me as it touches all the needed areas and gets you in shape in no time. It also focuses on the small muscles that most people don’t worry about. 

    1. Yes, it’s hard to find a better piece of equipment that the TRX. It is so compact and practical that you never have an excuse for not working out. 

  4. When I saw the deign of the TRX system, it looked familiar to me. I go to a center for physical therapy to strengthen my knees and combat the effects of arthritis. One of the exercises involves the use of stretchable straps anchored to a high point just kike these.

    It is hard to believe how such a simple piece of equipment can be so versatile.And it looks really affordable. I watched the video that impressed me no end. 

    Does the TRX system have routines to reduce belly fat? 

    Thanks for sharing this with us. 



    1. Hi Edwin, yeah, the TRX is very versatile and I’m pretty sure there’s an exercise for every body part. If you watch the AB vids, you’ll find some pretty hectic exercises which will definitely reduce belly fat. I, for one, really struggled with them, but I’m getting there. 

  5. I have not heard of TRX before and found your post on this workout program very informative and helpful. I really like the fact that this is an exercise routine that I can follow at home, as I am not really a gym person and prefer doing things in the park or at home. 

    You do mention that this kind of training is suitable for older people, which is great to see as I am about to turn 62 and will put this on my birthday wish list.

  6. Hi, great review of the TRX system. I have used it myself in a gym I trained at some time ago, and the training is very effective. I can vouch for that.

    I have a similar product at work, in my office, that I use when the working days become very long. I can do a complete workout in a short time, while not being able to go to the gym. In these COVID-19 times, such possibility to train is great. I am also getting older, 55 years old, and have a case of knee injuries which makes it necessary to do joint-friendly exercises. TRX suspension system is such a product.

    What is reassuring is that there has been done scientific research that verifies the TRX systems beneficial properties for all age groups, especially older people.

    Are there any injuries at all that can be traced back to the use of a suspension system like TRX?


    1. Hi Roy, great that you’ve had success with the TRX suspension trainers. I’m in my 40’s and am more into body weight type training hence my absolute love of the TRX. 

      Regarding injuries, I’m sure people would hurt themselves simply by making up their own bizarre exercises. You see those videos of folks in the gym using machines for muscle groups not at all compatible with the machine and of course they do bodily damage. For me, the most important thing is making sure the TRX is well secured in a door that opens away from you. From there, as long as you do TRX compatible exercises and listen to your body, you shouldn’t injure yourself. 

  7. I enjoy reading this article and learning about the TRX suspension trainer, I don’t really go to the gym but i exercise at home.

    With the TRX  suspension trainer, i see in the video that the body is getting a great full body work out and  i love that even older people can use this to strengthen the  muscles and develop stronger bones. I will certainly love to experience this work out and will be looking forward to purchasing the TRX suspension trainer. Is Amazon the only place where this is being sold? How durable is this suspension trainer? Does it come with warranty?

    Thanks Murray.

    1. Hi Wendy, Amazon would be the cheapest place to get the TRX. There are other generic products which will be cheaper but you can’t always guarantee their quality. The TRX is made to last and is therefore very durable. I’ve had mine for 5 years and I use it a lot. There is not even the smallest sign of wear and tear.

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