Is The Kenzai Body Training Program Effective?

Jumping rope on the roof of my NYC Airbnb and making the whole building shake.

Kenzai focuses on providing participants with useful, progressive, and transformative lifestyle training sessions over a period of three months, with long-lasting positive effects. The program takes members through proven routines of exercises, proper dieting, expert advice, and positive company, all of which guarantee lifestyle transformation for the better. To track progress and to boost motivation, participants take and upload photographs and other relevant information during the course of their training.

That being said, is the Kenzai body training program effective?

The Setup

The Kenzai program traces its foundations to Japan in 2013, and has quickly gained popularity internationally. Today, there are participants of Kenzai from over 20 different countries across four different continents. This is a testament of its efficiency in transforming lives, just like what happened to me. As stated earlier, it involves proper dieting, daily workout routines, and online expert support.

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When I did Kenzai in New York a couple of years ago, my mentor helped me stay on track even though I was constantly surrounding by the many temptations of the Big Apple. The many inspiring stories also made me more motivated to succeed. Not only is Kenzai focused on helping people to get fit, but it also aims at maintaining said fitness.

Every participant is paired with a personal coach and dietician for a personal program for better monitoring. An important requirement is that every participant uploads photographs and keeps track of their progress to maintain motivation. It is estimated that 9 in 10 people undergo the 90-day program successfully.

The Convenience of the Kenzai Program

Kenzai prides itself in many great programs, the most notable one being the Reynold’s amazing body-weight exercise regime. Unlike other fitness programs that require sophisticated equipment, this one is very easy and can be done virtually anywhere. This workout requires just a resistance band and gravity to train every significant muscle group in the body for agility and fast reflexes. For the cardio portion of the workout, you’ll need a skipping rope as you’ll see in the featured photo above.

Resistance bands and body weight
Get your cardio without leaving the room

When it comes to dieting, access to a personal nutritionist works wonders for many people and is part of the reason why older people choose to sign up for the program in the first place. This personal approach is why roughly a quarter of all participants of the program are people over 50 years of age. Like every other worthwhile venture, Kenzai requires input of hard work, discipline and motivation to reap the desired benefits.

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How does the Kenzai Body Program Work?

The Kenzai Body Program incorporates different essential parts which will be the focus of this section. These includes: Nutrition, Exercise, Accountability and support, and Education.

Based on your entry point, your personal nutritionist will come up with custom-made weekly plans that you will follow strictly. Our diets are real foods as opposed to supplements. Personal accountability is very important to maintain the diet recommended by the Kenzai nutritionists. 

Kenzai trainers will guide you efficiently to fitness and good health. They will be your daily guide on which bodyweight-based and cardio workouts will suit your level and lifestyle best. It is important to note, however, that it is your personal drive that will get you what you want.

Find a tree, pillar or fence and get to work. Image from the Kenzai website. Click for more info.

Accountability and Support
Cooperation among members is one of Kenzai’s core values designed to make every participant feel like part of a community. This approach reinforces success through motivation and expert advice from competent trainers.

Expertly written daily lessons give you the knowledge necessary to make healthy lifestyle changes that will produce results now and help you maintain them for a lifetime.

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Members have access to well-documented sessions that are applicable even after the conclusion of the 3-month program. This education focuses on the maintenance of fitness after the training program and therefore forms an essential part of the Kenzai program.

Push up's are a big part of the program. This image is off the Kenzai website. Click for more info.

Why Kenzai Is Great For People On The Go

Life is full of ups and downs and more often than not, people find themselves rushing against time to achieve their goals. Despite the usual financial obligations, commitments or concerns of life; staying healthy remains a major concern for most people. I personally recommend the Kenzai Body Training program is designed to fit a busy lifestyle for the following reasons:

• You can exercise anywhere: Kenzai workouts do not require going to a gym or specialized equipment. You can exercise in your home, backyard or even office and the results are guaranteed if you’ll focus on persistently following the program customized by the Kenzai experts. Everything you need for exercising can fit into a small backpack; and this is more than enough leeway for you to exercise whenever you are available.

• Variety of exciting cardio exercises: Be it riding a bike, jumping rope, or running, Kenzai incorporates your preferred cardio workout. In addition, the program comes with videos and pictures to guide you on how to execute certain workout routines with maximum effect.

• Learn proper diet and nutrition with a certified nutritionist: Custom made dieting plan will give you a straightforward weekly plan for all your meals. All meals are balanced and are real foods as opposed to supplements. Photographs of your progress will enable your personal nutritionist to adjust your weekly plan accordingly for the best results.

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Preparation is essential before you begin any fitness program. You have to be absolutely determined to see it through. This will give you the motivation to soldier on past temptations and shortcuts along the way. Contrary to what many people believe, fitness can be achieved quite easily when dieting and physical workouts are combined effectively. This is precisely what Kenzai has shown to be capable of in just three months.

As you would expect, the Kenzai body training program is as effective as you are disciplined enough to stick to the program. In particular, I really enjoyed the skipping because it is an amazing workout that you can do in very little space. Although, when I was doing it on the roof of my NY Airbnb, I was told to stop because the neighbor downstairs complained that his whole apartment was shaking. I ended up running along the Hudson, stopping every now and then to get my daily quota of skips in.

For other home workouts, read 4 Great Home Workouts To Get You In Shape.

Some of the great meals you'll be cooking on the program. Click for the Kenzai website.
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14 thoughts on “Is The Kenzai Body Training Program Effective?”

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing such a great review on Kenzai body training. I just bumped into this article and was curious about this as I never heard of the training program before. It sounds pretty interesting and I love it that they are involved in the exercise and the diet side of thing. 

    Are there memberships from month to month or yearly? What are the prices for the membership? After I had my second daughter I put on quite a bit of weight and staring some exercise would be a great move for me and Kenzai Body program sounds like an interesting opportunity. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Jude, I did a 3 month Kenzai Body program a few years ago. It was a couple hundred dollars back then, but you’ll have to check with them to see what their rates are and which program works best for you. They have a few new ones that weren’t available before. 

  2. charsleethan1

    I saw some review on Kenzai Body Training Program online so i recommended it to one of my friend  but seriously i wasnt sure if his so called Kenzai Body Training Program was that effective , till i saw my friend after 5 months he was looking younger and more healthier than ever, so i can fairly say i am a living withness to Kenzai Body Training Program, i will surely recommend these program to any one who is in need

    1. Kenzai sure is very effective because it is so practical since you can do it from anywhere. I would actually like to do it again. 

  3. I saw some review on Kenzai Body Training Program online so i recommended it to one of my friend  but seriously i wasnt sure if his so called Kenzai Body Training Program was that effective , till i saw my friend after 5 months he was looking younger and more healthier than ever, so i can fairly say i am a living withness to Kenzai Body Training Program, i will surely recommend these program to any one who is in need

    1. Glad you’re friend benefited from Kenzai. I certainly did because it is so effective and practical. No excuses for not working out. 

  4. trudnocairoditeljstvo

    I think the Kenzai workout program will be the right choice for me with all variety it has. Your post is so motivational. We are all in the struggle in losing is weight especially now in this epidemic year when overweighting is easier as ever because moving around is not possible without risks. Keep making us motivated, when we fall down, we have you to bring us on track.

    1. Practicality, convenience and effectiveness are all important factors when staying motivated to exercise. Kenzai offers all that as well as a very good eating regime. 

  5. I do my own body training. I should’ve said I thought I was body training on my own with a resistance rope and some exercises I made up that I call body training. It keeps me from gaining a bunch of weight. I need a program like the Kenzai Body Training Program in my life. I’m not a gym guy and I don’t need to be a muscle man I just need something more effective to follow. This comes with education and so much more. Access to a nutritionist is awesome. I could use that. You leave nothing to question when it comes to this program. It could be one of the best programs available. I also like how small the equipment is and how less of it is required. Have a nice day.

  6. Great article. I have no experience with the topic, but what I like is you can follow the training program on the go. For people on the move, traveling, this seems to be the ideal workout and regime. Good that one can eat real food, I hate powders and shakes. Cause real food is mentally rewarding as, in my personal opinion, to artificial powders etc. for as healthy and complete they claim to be.

  7. Having a personal coach is a must when you enter into a dieting and fitness journey. They help so much with accountability and motivation. The fact that  you don’t need very much equipment is an added bonus as is you can do the exercises anywhere.its excellent that they have different programs to choose from and they are very reasonably priced. Thank you very much for the information.

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