Can The Millionaire Fastlane Make You Rich?

The Millionaire Fastlane book in the review of The Millionaire Fastlane blog post

If you’re bound and determined to become a millionaire by a certain age, chances are good you won’t be able to do it alone. One of the most interesting books on how to become a millionaire is The Millionaire Fastlane, written by MJ DeMarco, and perhaps the biggest reasons it is so good is that there isn’t a lot of “fluff” in it. 

Instead, it cuts to the chase and provides practical, hands-on solutions to greatly improving your finances. In fact, you can think of this book – formerly titled The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime – as an instruction guide that gets to the point quickly and provides you with the tips and suggestions that can make you rich quickly.

Can The Millionaire Fastlane make you rich? Absolutely. But you’ll have to paradigm shift yourself from consumer to producer and that is no easy feat. Read on to find out more.

Image MJ Demarco quote n the post can the millionaire fastlane make you rich
One of the main principles in The Millionaire Fastlane

Wealth Is Not an Event

Some people think of wealth as an event, but DeMarco explains that instead, wealth is a process. It may seem that millionaires got that way overnight, but this is rarely the case. If you think of wealth as a journey, you’ll realize that each day is just a moment in that journey, and this thought process can help you determine what you should do next to achieve your financial goals.

In addition, DeMarco explains a formula he devised that is separated into four aspects:

  • The roadmap
  • The vehicle
  • The roads
  • The speed

There are also three roads in the third aspect: the sidewalk, the slowlane, and the fastlane. As DeMarco explains it, most people take the first road – the sidewalk – because it is the path of least resistance. People taking the sidewalk never attain wealth or real freedom because they’re doing what most other people are doing, which doesn’t work when your goal is to become rich.

Only people who follow the fastlane are able to attain that wealth status that so many of us dream about but which most of us don’t have the desire or the knowledge to do anything about. DeMarco goes on to explain that to make a lot of money, people need two things: control and leverage. If you start your own business, this often leads to people making a lot of money, but since not all businesses are created equally, there’s a lot more to the solution than that.

What Makes the Fastlane So Special?

DeMarco’s book goes into a lot of detail on the five business systems that can help you achieve wealth in the fastlane. He also details the important objectives that all people in the fastlane have, as well as the fastlane “commandments,” which he lists as need, entry, control, scale, and time. Some of the more interesting and fascinating thoughts and mindsets in his book include:

  • Success is never about an idea; it’s about the execution.
  • Time is the greatest asset you own – not money.
  • Luck is created by increased probabilities that are improved with the process of action.
  • To pay yourself first, you must own yourself.

Do some of these thoughts and concepts sound a little complicated? Well, the way DeMarco explains them, they aren’t. In fact, the book is such an easy and interesting read that you’ll likely be thinking to yourself, “gee, I never thought about it like that,” numerous times as you read it!

Image of MJ Demarco quote n the post can the millionaire fastlane make you rich
DeMarco cuts right through the bullshit

Breaking the Mold and Shattering Stereotypes

A lot of people are raised to get a college degree, get a job, work hard, and retire rich, but for most people, this formula simply doesn’t work. DeMarco developed his ideas after seeing a Lamborghini and falling in love with it, then realizing he didn’t want to wait until he retired rich at 70 to have what he truly wanted in life right then. 

Instead, he changed his way of thinking and retired a multi-millionaire at the age of 33. So, when you read this book, you’re not learning from someone just spouting off ideas he’s heard from other people. He was very successful financially, and now he’s determined to show others how to get the same thing.

I’ve always loved books that are written to help people fulfill their life’s goals and which were written by people who did just that with their own lives. Books that show people with practical tips to go after what they want in life and to make up their mind early on that they’re going to get it. The Millionaire Fastlane is one of these books, and it won’t let you down. With practical solutions that are proven to work, it is also an easy read and lets you put the pedal to the medal and soar into the fastlane, which is where all of your dreams can come true.

What are your thoughts? Can The Millionaire Fastlane make you rich? Let us know in the comments below. 

Image of MJ Demarco and his lambo in the post Can The Millionaire Fastlane Make you Rich
MJ DeMarco and his prized lambo
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If you’re really wanting to fully internalize The Millionaire Fastlane, I suggest listening to the audio book while taking notes. If you’re more of a visual learner, then read the book and listen to the audio book for additional repetition of the principles.

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14 thoughts on “Can The Millionaire Fastlane Make You Rich?”

  1. Hi Murray,

    This looks like an interesting book. I like the roadmap, and the reference to the sidewalk which is the path of least resistance, which ultimately most people take and then end up not reaching their goal. The path of most resistance, as hard as it is, ultimately will lead to success.

    It is true that we are taught to get a degree, work from 9 to 5 or in any other steady job and live of the saved money when we retire, but De Marco is right, why wait until you’re old if you can do it now? I am certainly interested in reading his book. Is it available as paperback or also in ebook version?

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for your insightful comments. This book was actually recommended by a fellow WA member. Since I’m into audio books, I listened to it, but I actually want to read it as well just to really look it in place. 

  2. DigitallyRajesh

    Hello Murray, Just read your review on “Can The Millionaire Fastlane Make You Rich?” Quite interesting read. The
    reference to the sidewalk which is the path of least resistance, which ultimately most people take and then end up not reaching their goal. The path of most resistance, as hard as it is, ultimately will lead to  success.

    1. The Millionaire Fastlane was a real eye-opener for me because it has forced me to paradigm shift my whole approach to making money. Being a producer and not just a consumer is how I’m trying to position myself now. I used to work as a Chinese translator, but now I run a translation agency where I’m paid by results and not time. I’m trying to adopt this methodology to other aspects of my work life.

  3. Hi Murray,

    I love personal development and after reading your article I think I’m going to go read “The Millionaire Fastlane.” I love books that are written from personal experience. I’ve followed Robert Kiyosaki and others for a long time, but it’s always interesting to learn from the younger guys who achieved their goals young. DeMarco’s book sounds like a good system to follow and I’m sure if one can put that advice into action, they can achieve those goals too.

    Thanks for the recommendation! Where can I get a copy of the book please?

  4. My husband and I have 4 daughters, and I want to empower them to realize that they can achieve financial independence if they have the right mindset.  A lot of self help books are great for ideals, but they lack details to put those ideals to use in a very meaningful way.  A person’s goal doesn’t have to be to get rich, but learning how to achieve at least some form of financial independence and security is well worth the time it takes to read this book!

  5. It is my opinion that the millionaire Fastlane does not make everyone literally physically rich. When we look at how much value teachers and nurses in my country are giving to others, yet they are not among the richest persons in the country generally. Therefor we can say that riches should not only be monetized as  there are many who enrich the lives of others  and they are not physically rich. In this Fastlane a balanced lifestyle is often  very elusive and we may have to stop and ask ourselves : how rich is rich and to what extent  do we want to be physically rich? i do believe everything comes with a certain  price  and of course a certain mindset. I would embrace being rich and remaining grounded  spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and otherwise. We may need to look again at the definition of the word ‘rich’. especially with respect to the teaching profession. 

  6. Hello,

    At first sight what you have to offer is of course very interesting. And I mean this for younger people than myself … I am 58 years old and have already consulted numerous books and e-books regarding this matter. And I have to be honest; only 20% of those books are perhaps something valuable to have and put into practice.

    But I wouldn’t want to feed all those people who published such books. There are literally way too many …

    With all due respect for your opinion, but I think otherwise … Indeed, a “get rich quick” scenario is difficult for me to accept.

    For me, I think it is too late to take the right path in the book. As you said “if you are old and / or disabled” on your retirement, how can you still enjoy it?

    I know I sound bitter, but maybe I’m really too dumb to make this happen. However, I have a Bachelor’s degree (IT) …

    And today I sometimes think that the internet is 40% full of scams …

    Yet I hope that people who read and put this book into practice will be 100% successful in working their dream. A good informative site for the enthusiasts!

    Best regards,


    1. I agree, Peter, there is a lot of misinformation out there and many are down right scams. Millionaire Fastlane for me, is not one of those books hence my very favourable review. It’s not a get rich quick book though, it endorses working very hard producing something that is valuable and scalable. If you do it right, it could happen quickly, but for most, I think it’ll take time. 

  7. I don’t need to be a millionaire myself, my definition of rich is just work-life balance with financially stable after retiring. It was true that we were taught to get a degree and work for a full-time job when I was young. But I think is no longer apply now, full-time work cannot get you rich after deducting all the living expenses. Working hard for a company with all the benefits goes to the top management people and gives you less freedom, this is particularly true when I am working in an Asian city. 

    Think it is time to change and is a perfect moment I get to read Murray’s recommendation. Thanks, Murray for picking a good and practical book to share. Your descriptions of the book are clear and details. Should be worth buying the book. 

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